Criminals will reap benefits of SAFE Act

As New Yorkers argue, debate and in some instances physically protest the NY SAFE Act, one must truly consider who the SAFE Act actually protects. Hoping to gain political momentum by using tragic incidents of violence, some state politicians chose to go after the law-abiding citizens who make an easily accessible “soft” target, and in doing so hope for the usual lawful compliance.

Criminals don’t obey laws, making them a challenge to go after, or a “hard” target. A soft target is a term often associated with terrorist acts against an easy target. The idea seems to be working its way into the political culture of our elected officials. Disarming or severely restricting New York’s lawful citizens can ensure a “soft” target for those who are not so lawful.

The well-armed and ill-intentioned thugs of today’s urban and rural areas should rejoice at the fact the politicians have softened up the targets and made these thugs’ lives much safer.

Albert Damiani

Grand Island