Paladino committed to improving schools

House Speaker Tip O’Neill once said, “All politics is local.” While I do not believe this generally, in the upcoming School Board election, I do. This may be the most important election for the City of Buffalo in a long time.

The Buffalo Public School system, by all reasonable metrics, is an unabashed disaster. With a 50 percent graduation rate, a cost of $27,000 per student, pathetic attendance numbers falsely propped up by a rigged system, and a board that recently authorized what appears to be fraud against New York State by signing a side letter to the Buffalo Teachers Federation voiding the teacher evaluation process, it is no wonder the population of Buffalo continues to head for the suburbs.

We have a candidate who truly loves Buffalo and who remembers the time when we had great schools. Carl Paladino is outspoken, never politically correct, but brutally honest and truly believes that he can make changes for the better of the students, the teachers and the principals. Sure, he has lots of enemies, but one thing for sure is that his main concern is the health of the schools and the city he loves. Electing Paladino will help make this board transparent, make sure that the voices of teachers and principals are heard, reduce school busing by half, thereby saving $25 million per year, reinvigorate neighborhood K-8 schools and advocate for extended school days and year.

South Buffalo must not settle for the status quo. This is a chance to get our schools back on track. Vote on Tuesday.

Richard Speth