FORESTVILLE – The final version of the 2013-14 village budget for Forestville has resulted in a smaller tax increase since the last draft proposed by new Mayor Linda Aures.

A final budget adopted Tuesday calls for a tax rate of $5.13 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. The spending plan was reduced by about 13 percent from the initial budget compiled by former Mayor Beth Bowker. Aures made cuts in the fees to be paid to lawyers and other areas in the budget. She had unanimous support from the board for the new plan.

The total budget is $332,570.

Aures named Kevin Johnson as her new deputy mayor. Also appointed Tuesday was Ron Lineman, who will serve the one-year unexpired trustee term vacated by Carol Woodward just prior to elections in March.

The new trustee appointment gives the board five members for the first time in several months.

The agenda Tuesday also included some reviews and changes to the employee handbook. A new policy set a 35-hour work week for full-time employees. It also requires employees who work more than 35 hours to obtain approval from the mayor. The overtime policy was changed so that overtime would be paid only after 40 hours were worked in a week.

In reviewing the village’s full-time positions, the board also approved the title of utility worker and established a list of duties for the workers as well as qualifications for the jobs.

Michael Sullivan was introduced as the new village attorney. He was appointed for a one-year term at the rate of $75 an hour.