It’s been awhile since they’ve seen action on the field or even the light of day, but a set of old Holland Central School District sports uniforms are about to become the focal point of a fundraiser aimed at helping the district’s sports programs in the future.

The annual Holland Tulip Festival will host the uniform sale May 11 at the arts and crafts show in the high school, where people will be able to buy back their old uniforms and help generate revenue for the district’s athletic teams.

“They’re basically just collecting dust,” said athletic director Matthew Adams, who came up with the idea after recalling the purchase of his own varsity hockey jersey from Kenmore West, where he graduated.

Adams said hundreds of articles of clothing, including soccer jerseys, track and field uniforms, warm-ups and cheerleading outfits, some dating back to the district’s earliest days, are available.

Jamie Emmick, president of the Holland Athletic Club, who will handle the fundraiser, is a passionate athletics booster in the cash-strapped district, though her own children are scarcely old enough to play T-ball. “People don’t realize how you use the things that you learn in sports in everyday life. I was a three-sport athlete,” said Emmick, a 2004 Holland graduate. “They developed who I am. I don’t know what I would have done without it.”

The Holland uniforms don’t have individual names on them and are a varying mix of the school’s colors – purple, white and gold. Many uniforms are still in good shape, though they’ve been housed in an athletic cage in the Middle School’s basement for years.

Proceeds from the uniform sale will go toward the district’s athletic teams, which cannot all be supported by the district, said board President Steve Marom. In fact, due to budget constraints, girls swimming, volleyball and junior varsity field hockey have been cut from next year’s budget. And, last week, Adams learned his own job has been eliminated as well.

Since August, the Holland Athletic Club has raised $2,000 to benefit the district’s athletic programs. A chicken and rib barbecue is planned at the Community Center on May 19.