Caring for a few chickens teaches important lessons

Someone needs to explain to the Amherst Zoning Board and Councilman Mark Manna that laying hens do not crow. It is only a male chicken, a rooster, that crows. The cackle of several laying hens surely is not more disturbing than the uncounted little lap dogs that bark every time the wind blows or a car drives past.

Wake up, Amherst residents. There is not a thing in this world better for a child than to be the caretaker of some chickens. If every child at the age of 6 or 7 had to take care of a half-dozen chickens, just maybe we would not have the millions of baby mamas and our children might have a small amount of character, dignity, self-respect and morals. And when children come to the dinner table and there isn’t a plate set for them because they did not feed or water their chicks, they learn responsibility very fast.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer

North Collins