• 2978 Johnson Creek Road, Penny S. Collins; John R. Collins to Fannie Mae, $87,777.


• Thornwood Drive, Elizabeth Stoyell Revocable Living Trust; Elizabeth A. Stoyell; Patricia Young; Cynthia Spino to Kristen E. Toczek; Eric C. Toczek, $239,500.

• Callan Drive, Sabrina M. Dominguez; Kenneth J. Dominguez to Mark J. Dominguez Sr., $144,000.

• Creek Road & Hotchkiss Road, Robert Apps; Doris H. Volk to Kristen Anthony; John R. Kloosterman, $113,500.


• East Ave. & Beverly Ave., Laurie A. Crist to Mitchell S. Harrer; Brittany M. Anderson, $106,500.

• West Grant St., Teri L. Watier; Dylan E. Watier to Joseph M. Verdonselli, $55,000.


• Fieldcrest Drive, Gloria I. Padula; Armand L. Padula to Immacolata Burtless; Donald Burtless, $149,900.

• Academy Lane, Ronald W. Haak; Anne M. Haak to Michael Peacock; Marie Andree Peacock, $102,820.

• Royal Parkway South, Brande C. Hunt to National Transfer Services; Government Relocation Group Inc., $101,000.

• Royal Parkway South, National Transfer Services; Government Relocation Group Inc. to Eric G. Fry, $97,000.

• Academy Lane, Janine Gately; Janine L. Gately to Amanda K. Klinshaw, $75,000.


• Edward Ave., Debra A. Pelletier to Jessica Welker, $92,000.

• Ewings Road, Allen Richards; Nikolaj Birjukow to Douglas T. Herrick, $84,500.

• Main St. & Commercial St., Newfane Ventures Inc. to Flint Brothers Hardware Inc., $59,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $68,000 Average price: $34,377 Median price: $24,750 Number of Sales: 36

• Kies Court & 68th St., Eric F. Penale; Linda A. Brophy to Michele D. Jones, $68,000.

• Bollier Ave., Ronald Hohle; Frances R. Hohle to Rene Peng; Peter P. Hsiao, $67,000.

• 69th St., Joan Jacobs; Lucy J. Enyeart; Steven L. Jacobs to Stefanie Houck; Derek Bundt, $61,000.

• 70th St., Edward Jacien; Christopher Cosgrave to Shirley K. Campbell; Lisa A. Blanco, $57,000.

• Whitney Ave., Richard J. Fitzgerald; Bonnie M. Fitzgerald to Victor Acevedo; Matthew Broda, $50,000.

• 72nd St., Jamie Swanson to Angelo Fama, $48,000.

• Portage Road, Lucia F. Sellek to Antwain M. Palmer, $46,800.

• Sherwood Ave., Patricia Galante; Michael Galante; Janice Bochenek to Ivan L. Beeputt, $45,480.

• Ashland Ave., Paul D. Curcione to Habitat Enterprises, $25,000.

• Portage Road & Chilton Ave., Pensco Trust Co.; Linda Canazzi to Habitat Enterprises, $24,500.

• 3229 Belden Place, Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co.; M&T Bank to Joseph Tomkiel, $22,000.

• Linwood Ave., Barbara A. Voyton; Margaret J. Beaudin to Barbara A. Voyton, $22,000.

• 18th St., KC Buffalo Enterprises to Paragon Enterprises, $21,000.

• 1642 Linwood Ave., Angela C. Pippens to Peggy Griffith; Charles Griffith, $20,000.

• Porter Road, Sawma Family; James Sawma to Carol A. Young, $20,000.

• 2817 Macklem Ave., City of Niagara Falls to F.B. Wallace, $9,000.

• Pierce Ave., Pierce Llc to Sally Gephart, $7,000.

• 1322 Niagara Ave., 1863577 Ontario Ltd.; Waqar Khalid Baig to Mubalama Babwiriza, $5,000.


• East Robinson St., Marlene S. Hyden; John W. Hyden to Nicole L. McCumber; Jonathan W. McCumber, $142,000.

• 800 Ohio Ave., Elaine C. Heimers-Cook; Michael J. Cook to Jeffrey R. Henderson; Alicia M. Henderson, $127,000.

• Meadow Drive South, Susan M. Severino to Kelly Borgogelli; Thomas Borgogelli, $120,000.

• Walck Road, Christine F. Henderson to Michael J. Giuseppetti; Erin C. Giuseppetti, $96,730.


• Cloverleaf Lane & Campbell Blvd., Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Stacey L. Juchem; Todd M. Juchem Jr., $255,155.

• Cortland Drive, Springville Realty to Walter J. Piatkowski; Mary L. Piatkowski, $145,000.

• Old Tonawanda Creek Road, Harold C. Berry; Florence C. Berry; Robert C. Berry; Douglas H. Berry; Dianne M. Bell to Christopher Berry, $71,000.


• Riverview Drive & Parkdale Ave., Barbara M. Riley to Jeffrey W. Schurr; Christine N. Schurr, $127,500.

• Old Lake Road, Laurene Buckley to Millard E. Smallwood; Elizabeth A. Smallwood, $17,500.


• Rochester Road, Lori Hickey to Jesse L. Snyder; Erin J. Snyder, $160,523.

• Mountain Road, Mark R. Gaines to Karen Drumm, $135,000.


• Pallister Ave., Judith A. Remington; Joyce P. Dewart; James E. Dewart; Jay B. Dewart; Jeffrey M. Dewart; Jonathan D. Dewart to Janice M. Rider; Franklin W. Rider Jr., $80,000.


• 2652 Ferchen St., Elizabeth B. Antonelli; David R. Antonelli to Todd Tripp, $163,500.

• Huron Court, GT Custom Built Homes Inc. to Lura Kingston; Ryan M. Kingston, $60,000.

• Huron Court, Willow Development to GT Custom Built Homes Inc., $20,000.


• New Road, Kay H. Beyea; Alan C. Beyea to Joann Bayne; Richard A. Bayne, $154,000.