Univera Healthcare and Lifetime Healthcare Companies, its Rochester-based parent healtcare plan, are seeking members and providers who haven’t claimed more than $1.1 million in checks issued to them in 2009.

More than 9,000 individual members and companies in New York haven’t claimed their checks, with the complete list available at

The state each year requires insurers to make a list of unclaimed checks that are at least three years old, and the names on the unclaimed checks are posted in legal notices in newspapers in an attempt to find them. Any money that isn’t claimed by Aug. 31 is turned over to the state Comptroller’s Office.

The money typically hasn’t been claimed because a member moved, died or forgot about the money, according to Univera.

To claim a check: current Univera members can call the phone number on their ID card; health care providers can call their provider relations representative; and former members, or those calling on behalf of the estate of a former member, can call (877) 757-3850. Checks will be mailed to claimants after Aug. 31.