A Buffalo man who had expressed an interest in becoming a veterinarian as a youngster was arrested by police after a witness saw him kicking a pit bull puppy across the front lawn of a double on South Park Avenue.

Buffalo Police reported early Saturday that Chamarr Wiggins, 21, of Hillside Ave., was seen kicking a small pit bull across the lawn of a residence on the 2200 block of South Park Avenue. The report stated that Wiggins then lifted the dog by its hip and rear leg and carried it into the house.

Police said Wiggins was under a court order from City Court Judge Craig Hannah not to possess or be around dogs. While in custody, Wiggins was also found in possession of a small amount of marijuana.

Wiggins was charged with criminal contempt for violating the judge’s order and for marijuana possession. The puppy was taken from the house by a city dog control officer.

In a 2006 Buffalo News story, 14-year-old Wiggins expressed an interest in growing up to be a vet.