Let’s give organ donors preferential treatment

I have been giving much thought to the option of organ donation for a life-saving cause. I am presently listed as an organ donor on my license in the case of my demise, as well as in my health proxy in the event of a natural rather than an accidental death. I am sure most of us are of a mind to have no reservation of donating an organ if the need arises in our family, or possibly a very close friend.

I wonder if I am up to doing that for someone unknown. I think it is a beautiful thing to do, but at the same time, I can’t help but wonder if there would be more people willing to donate an organ if there was another option on the table. It is a selfish thought, nonetheless, being human, it is a reality. What if the person is donating a kidney, and within a year or two that donor’s remaining kidney fails and the donor needs a kidney? Why not allow that individual to automatically be put at the top of the list for a replacement? If that person makes the sacrifice to give up an organ, why not add the assurance that he/she would be given that same chance?

Maybe I’m alone in my thinking, but I can’t help but think the odds of someone donating an organ would rise significantly, allowing others to have a better chance at survival. I wish I could say that this is not part of my thought process, because it sounds selfish, but as I said, I’m only human.

Peter Hewett