‘Shen Yun’ production is just what it says it is

An April 13 article by News arts critic Colin Dabkowski is not factual in calling “Shen Yun” deceitful for not disclosing the spiritual content of the show in its marketing.

For thousands of years, China held strong faith in the divine and paid reverence to heaven through dance, song and culture. This was true Chinese culture, which all changed under decades of communist rule. “Shen Yun’s” mission is to revive this culture.

The spirituality of Falun Gong (Falun Dafa), a Buddhist teaching, is inseparable from true Chinese culture. “Shen Yun’s” artistic depiction of the modern-day persecution of Falun Gong offers a window into what happened to real Chinese culture under communist rule.

All promotional materials state that the Upstate New York Falun Dafa Association is presenting the show. Also, the Falun Gong spiritual content is discussed right on the “Shen Yun” website. It is a source of great pride and not something hidden.

Dabkowski also took aim at online reports from our media sponsors, the Epoch Times and NTDTV. What he failed to mention is that these reports are actual interviews of audience members. It is the audience members themselves who are gushing positively about the show, much to the dismay of Dabkowski.

In contrast to Dabkowski’s negative feelings, audience members worldwide have expressed overwhelming appreciation for “Shen Yun.” In 2012, it played in more than 100 cities worldwide to an estimated 1 million audience members. Surveys taken at each venue show a 97 percent approval rating, with many audiences including return patrons.

Regardless of Dabkowski’s opinion, we are truly honored to bring this extraordinary “Shen Yun” production to Buffalo and are grateful to the thousands of people who continue to rave about the show and come back year after year.

Lukun Yu

President, Upstate New York

Falun Dafa Association