Daemen College will use the former YMCA building on Main Street in Snyder exclusively for programs related to health, athletics and fitness, the college’s president said Thursday.

The college has said in the past it wants to use the space for added recreation, but it’s the first time Daemen President Gary A. Olson publicly addressed the issue since the college purchased the building in February for $583,500.

“The college has no current plans to make any external structural changes to the building,” Olson said during a ceremony for student athletes and coaches.

“There are plans to relocate several existing programs from the main campus to the YMCA building. This should also assist in spreading out the demand for parking.”

The building, on a two-acre parcel at 4433 Main across from the Daemen campus, served as the Northeast Family Branch of the YMCA for years and includes 26,000 square feet, a gymnasium and a swimming pool.

“Some internal renovations would be expected,” said Michael Andrei, a Daemen spokesman.

Daemen already has a main gymnasium, weight room and locker rooms on campus but needs to expand those facilities as the college makes the transition to NCAA Division II athletics in the fall, Andrei said.

Daemen is expected to start using its new facility in the next few months, but the school already has encouraged the campus community to use the 60 parking spaces on the property to deal with recent parking restrictions on nearby streets.