Protect environment by banning fracking

In a recent My View column, a mother reflected on the birth of her baby and it inspired her to look at the big picture. This mother inspired me! Yes, it’s about the children. As she followed her baby’s gaze and his concentration on a blade of grass, she saw with new eyes our beautiful and fragile world. But into what kind of world will her baby and all babies grow? Their future is seriously jeopardized by harmful environmental practices like hydrofracking. It’s important for all of us to care deeply about our children’s future, and to work for the protection of them and of our environment.

Like this mother, we all ought to do what we can to see that our children and future generations will be healthy and breathe clean air and drink pure water and enjoy rivers and trees in abundance. Let’s demand that our elected officials work on behalf of all our citizens and prohibit fracking in New York State.

Sister Eileen O’Connor