Time to crack down on careless drivers

I am writing in regard to cellphone use and texting while driving. Your loved one lies in the morgue. That life is gone, and those close to the deceased are condemned to heartbreak and loss forever. Thousands of people per year are being killed or maimed as a result of stupid, indifferent and self-centered individuals behind the wheel. When does society say enough is enough?

Suggested corrective action: First offense: $1,000 fine, four points on the driver’s license and a 60-day suspension of license. Second offense: $2,500 fine, additional two points on the driver’s license and a six-month suspension. Third offense: $10,000 fine, one year in county jail and driver’s license permanently revoked.

The only way these steps will have a positive result is if the judge on the bench does his job and the cop on the street does his job. Without enforcement, laws are useless.

Regrettably, however, regardless of legal consequences, your loved one still lies on a slab at the morgue.

Kevin Dolan