State’s elected officials don’t care about people

So, state legislators rushed to pass the budget on time so that they wouldn’t look like the center of dysfunction – so says The News. In my opinion, they look more like a bunch of overpaid elitist who don’t care about their constituents.

Two slaps in the face that I have read about got me quite upset. First, the $350 tax relief for families with kids. I helped put both of my kids through college, paying thousands to the SUNY system. Now my children have great jobs and are out of the house. I guess by New York standards I am secure financially. Not that $350 is going to help me much, but it’s the principle. An option would be to give people with no kids a $350 tax break on school taxes for a year since we don’t use the schools anymore.

The second slap is an even bigger issue to me. Four days before Christmas 2011, 50 of my workmates and I were locked out of work at a once major airline in Buffalo. Our jobs were subcontracted out to a company that hired college kids at minimum wage with no benefits. The minimum wage will now be raised, and besides losing my job of 37 years, I get to help pay the salary of the people who helped put me on the street.

Next Election Day, I suggest we get rid of all the incumbents who voted this budget in and put common lower- and middle-class people in their positions. People who care about their neighbors.

Sam Terranova