Firearm regulation is step in right direction

Firearm regulation, not “gun control.” Firearms, like automobiles, in our modern age are complex machines which, used responsibly by adequately trained individuals, provide benefit and enjoyment. Used irresponsibly, they can be highly destructive. Licensing and inspection regulations, safety and economy standards, have not harmed the auto industry, and have clearly benefited our society. No one speaks of “car control.” Firearm regulation would harm no one except that part of the firearm industry that profits from sales that harm our society, sales to dangerous individuals, sales that are diverted by straw purchasers, sales of weapons designed to kill people.

Part of our culture glorifies violence, and violence is a profit center for the entertainment industry as well as the firearm industry. The huge supply of firearms, military style and otherwise, in our country is not the only problem, and I think not the main factor driving our national gun violence problem. However, it is a real factor, subject to modification by reasonable regulation. There is no reason we should not take this step in the right direction.

That is why I urge our elected representatives not to be bound by dictates of party, or of the National Rifle Association, or of other entrenched interests, but to help our nation take this step forward.

Peter D. Ewing

Lake View