Rebate should be sent to all state taxpayers

OK, maybe I missed it. The Assembly and our illustrious governor have just passed the state budget and thrown a bone to a select group of residents – $350, to conveniently arrive next year just before election time. On what basis did they decide that anyone who does not have a child 18 years or less does not deserve the same check? Obviously, they feel that senior citizens, singles, empty-nest parents and the likes of other taxpayers aren’t worthy!

Who are they to decide on these restrictions? They have no right to exclude the rest of us. Excuse me, but I mistakenly thought they represented me, too! Don’t forget about this at election time. Lawmakers have decided that many of us don’t deserve $350. Let’s see if any of “our representatives” can muster up a viable reason for their actions and respond in this same format.

Tom DiVito