Procrastination is something we all do, whether it be waiting until the last minute to do homework or watching TV instead of cleaning up the bedroom.

For me, I like to just get my homework and other tasks done and completed. I think that the longer you procrastinate, the easier it is to do. If I do procrastinate, I tend to regret it later.

I think it’s smart to take small breaks when doing work. A five- to 10-minute break is a chance to relax and have a snack before going back and working again. Although I use my breaks sparingly, it is something to keep in mind if I have been working for a few hours.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all my homework, hanging out with friends and being involved with an added extracurricular activity. I like to write down a schedule and plan out what I’m doing during that day and when I can get my homework done. Planning on a set time when I can do my required tasks makes it easy for me to have time to do them. Something else I do is to write down a to-do list and number it. I have the most important tasks at the top and less important ones at the bottom. Prioritizing my tasks helps me figure out what needs to be done first and what I can live without.

I also try to have all of my needed materials near me when I’m doing my work. I don’t like to run around the house searching for a pencil when I could be getting my English assignment done. Another thing I do is turn off all distractions. Even if I want to check my email or other social media I tell myself I can always do this after I finish my homework.

After I accomplish all my tasks I feel a lot better because I can just relax. Whenever I think of doing something else other than the task at hand I tell myself how much better it will be once it’s done.

Elyse Cinquino is a freshman at Kenmore East High School.