Desire to win fuels debate within GOP

It is terrific for the liberals among us to see the ever-continuing conflict within the Republican Party between the right and the far right. It appears as though the right is willing to sacrifice some of its formerly held principles on immigration, gay marriage and even taxing the very rich a little more. The far right, however, appears to be less interested in winning elections than it is in maintaining its perceived purity.

While it is probably accurate to predict that if this far right has its way, the Republican Party, with the exception of the South, will continue to lose more and more of its relevancy, it is also fair to say that the difference between the two factions is more one of opportunism than one based on a different moral stance. Unlike the far right, the right is aware of the country’s demographic changes and it is attempting to keep up with these new demographics, not out of a newly found sense of fairness but simply because it wants to win elections.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to win elections. It would be nice, however, if the Republican right wing were willing to look at itself and recognize that opposition to civil rights, its stance on women, its wanting to make Medicare into a voucher program and its striving to abolish popular program such as Planned Parenthood are not moral positions, and these positions need to be changed not because they want to win elections but because it’s the right thing to do.

Andre Toth