Postal Service trying to break labor unions

I am watching the face-off between the Postal Service and the federal government over Saturday delivery with grim amusement. When I carried mail, I came to know that the Postal Service administration considered itself also the FBI, CIA and Department of Homeland Security combined. It has a culture all its own and feels it answers to no one outside of the organization. Rep. Brian Higgins has recently found that out.

The Postal Service is doing a lot of poor-mouthing about finances, but its administrators, at least in Buffalo, were happily voting themselves performance bonuses, among other things, at the time I left. The withdrawal of Saturday service is just an attempt to break the laborers’ unions in favor of the administrators’ unions. Yes, the postmasters and others have their own unions, and all of this is internecine warfare within the culture, with the customers, and public service, as the losers.

In the administrators’ world, like the big banks, they feel they’re too big to fail, so when they’re told no, they just wait a while and do as they please. They are arrogant fools and I hope the federal government cracks down on them and the politicians who are empowering their foolishness.

David Snyder