Impose tougher penalties on criminals using guns

Gun control is a major issue for both law-abiding citizens and politicians. It could bring down people in office and/or put people in jail who otherwise wouldn’t, or shouldn’t, be there. The problem is the real problem is not being addressed. And that is the criminal.

There are more than enough gun laws now that are respected by law-abiding gun owners. The criminals couldn’t care less about laws because it’s their job to ignore them anyway. Let’s do something a bit different with the laws. How about mandatory prison time of five years for anyone using a firearm during the commission of any crime, regardless of the person’s past record or convictions? This prison time should be added to the sentence imposed for the crime itself.

Also, on the issue of magazine capacity, a sentence added to the possession of a firearm should include one year for each round that firearm has the capacity of at the time of the crime. If the magazine holds 20 rounds, that would be an additional 20 years.

This type of gun control, I’m sure, would be accepted by the National Rifle Association and all other affiliations concerned about the Second Amendment and the Constitution. It would put the politicians in the limelight and put the ball in the criminals’ court for a change, and leave those who enjoy shooting for a sport and abide by the laws of this country at ease. If this idea is considered, Homeland Security wouldn’t have to buy up all the ammunition and we could save some tax money.

Ken Zuchlewski