GASPORT – The Hartland Town Board will hold informational sessions at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and 9 a.m. Saturday to discuss its plans to go to a cart-based, twice a month recycling program.

The meetings will be held in Hartland Town Hall, 8942 Ridge Road.

The town currently operates on a weekly pickup recycling schedule using a tote system, under contract with Allied Waste Services.

Hartland Town Supervisor W. Ross Annable said, “We know we will be going to a cart-based system with recycling pickup every other week, but we are still looking at a number of manufacturers of wheeled carts. We also don’t know whether we will extend our recycling portion of our contract with Allied for another three years or rebid the garbage/recycling contract at the end of the year when the contract is up.”

Annable said the town could switch to the wheeled, cart-based system as early as this summer.

“Initially, we will break even on this, but once the new carts are paid for, we expect to be able to keep the rate flat for the next several years, so this will be a cost savings to the town,” Annable said. “Many local municipalities are moving to this cart-based system.”

Annable said the current rate in the 2013 town budget is $182.84 per unit.