Higher contracts mean less for other players

It’s so unfortunate that athletes are so greedy nowadays. You see guys like Drew Brees and Joe Flacco demanding to be the highest paid players only to see other teammates leave. Whatever happened to team spirit? Why do they take up so much of the team’s payroll? Sure, they’re the quarterbacks but what about the other 52 guys?

LeBron James and Tom Brady took pay cuts to play with their respective teams and have fun. And yes, they probably make too much while a lot of middle class and poor people struggle.

Sports is big business for people with money. Very few of these athletes hold up their end once they get the big contracts. They should be paid a base salary, then get extra based on how the team does each year. In the real world, guys who get hurt on the job get a certain pay and that’s it. Athletes get their full salary. The ones who pay are the fans, who still have to pay to see reserves play. Do we get a discount? I don’t think so.

I always thought a salary cap was a good thing to keep rich owners from being the ones to scoop up all the stars. I thought things would balance out, but I was wrong.

Anthony Guzzo

West Seneca

Solution for Sabres? A clean sweep would do

Enough is enough. It’s time to clean house. The Buffalo Sabres franchise has reached a new low. They resemble a team that has just entered the league and searching for their identity. This team had already peaked and there is no longer any aggressiveness or swagger in their play to get excited about.

Ron Rolston, the new coach, represents an organization and an owner who had pulled the wool over the fans eyes. It’s still mind-boggling and unexplainable how Terry Pegula could give Darcy Regier a new contract before the season started after such a pitiful performance as general manager last year. Lindy Ruff was made the sacrificial lamb to remove some heat, but this now looks like the move has totally backfired.

Every game that is played from here to the end of the season, even if it’s an overtime win, a shoot-out or a regulation win, the Sabres are simply a tease at best. So while you follow the hype and hear that the Sabres are only a few points out of the playoffs, simply smile and say if you eat spaghetti and meatballs on Sunday, you make the playoffs, unless you are the Sabres.

Tony Hammill


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