Dr. Robert Gatewood, 65, chief of cardiac services for Kaleida Health, focuses on preventative treatment at Buffalo Cardiology & Pulmonary Associates in Williamsville. He stopped eating meat 20 years ago, except for seafood, and has advice for those who seek heart-healthy nutrition: Eat a Mediterranean diet and stay away from sugar.

What are the healthiest foods?

Any vegetable, any fruit. The best fats are olive oil and nuts, the best carbohydrates are probably brown rice, wild rice, quinoa and farro. Protein, I would say fish, the oilier the better, and beans, and I’m going to throw in Greek yogurt. … I tell patients they should eat three moderately sized meals a day and there’s nothing wrong with a healthy snack in between.

Is wine healthy?

I hope so, because I have it every night, religiously. Two glasses of red wine. There’s flavonoids in grape skins and they’re also present in white wine.

Do you take any vitamin supplements?

The only vitamin supplement I take is vitamin D because in this area we don’t get as much sunlight. Otherwise, my message to patients is the best vitamins come from natural foods.

What are the heart-stopping foods you look to avoid at all costs?

Processed meat, cold cuts. They’re just laden with fat, bad fat, saturated fat, and are usually very salty as well.

The food that’s hardest to resist?

Chocolate cake. I like chocolate a lot but I rarely eat it.