State wastes millions on welfare programs

The NY SAFE Act does not affect me in any way. I’m quite tired of hearing about it, to be frank. What does bother me in this state, though, is the millions upon millions of dollars spent so people can have babies at taxpayer expense. Since when did it become a person’s right to get pregnant while there is no financial way this person can pay for all the care involved, and then dump the entire package on the taxpayer?

Think about the prenatal cost, the hospital cost and the postnatal care. These people expect the taxpayer to raise the child. Then social problems evolve because the child is being raised by a totally irresponsible person. This happens many times daily, and the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year is really ridiculous. I wish Albany would spend its time on something more important than aggravating gun owners. In other words, cut welfare big-time.

William P. Fulton