Piece on marijuana offers good advice

Regarding the Another Voice from Dr. Robert Whitney on marijuana, I have a few comments. Number one would be that Whitney is one of the most knowledgeable people in Western New York on substance abuse. I think lawmakers should heed his advice. The amount of marijuana that the governor suggests would be a violation, 25 grams, is a bit much. Anyone caught with that amount in public view would be more likely a dealer. In the same vein, I abhor the thought of young people (or old for that matter) being arrested for possessing one or two joints.

Whitney did not mention the fact that marijuana is often a “gateway” drug leading to harder drugs, but there are also many people who have smoked marijuana for many years without using other substances. I, too, question the medical use of marijuana, but I believe that for some people with certain conditions, it can be of help. In some states like California, anyone can obtain a medical marijuana card just by telling certain doctors they have trouble sleeping or have headaches. I think New York State should investigate the use of medical marijuana but with much stricter guidelines.

As a medical professional and a person familiar with the career of Whitney, I hope our lawmakers are listening to him.

Edward Wells, R.N.