Declining morals, values are fueling gun violence

A recent rally in support of the NY SAFE Act, in one of the most notorious neighborhoods in Western New York, drew a sparse crowd of approximately 60 people. One might argue it was cold or maybe should have been held in a safer area. The true issue isn’t the conditions outside or the location of the rally. A neighborhood with such high crime and gun violence goes to show you how society’s morals and values have disappeared.

Our government can make all the rules and regulations it wants, but until core issues are addressed, nothing will change. It is time for our community to re-engage and address issues that are tearing our communities apart. There needs to be more transparency with our government, and substance-abuse issues need to be addressed, not shunned. Family values need to be revitalized, and employment issues need attention.

As long as there remains a line in the sand between politicians and average people, matters will not improve. Society will continue to suffer, and gun violence will continue. It’s not about a rifle a sportsman uses, or a pistol one shoots at a gun range. This dilemma is about the core values our country had in days past that need to be re-embraced.

Daniel Kowalik