Rihanna’s late start was very disappointing

Jeff Miers’ review of the Rihanna concert held March 8 at First Niagara Center did not match my experience. Far from a “clockwork precision … success,” the concert began one hour late with the appearance of a band that soon left the stage to return later still with two tardy rappers. After an hour’s performance, this band left the stage. A lengthy set-up of Rihanna’s set followed. The timing was such that my wheelchair-adapted transportation already had arrived to take me home.

As a Christmas gift, my sister spent more than $200 to buy tickets for my home health care aide and me to attend this event. It was not advertised as an “open dress rehearsal,” as Miers termed it. The aide called ahead and we arrived at the designated time and arranged for a transportation service’s return, as the box office advised. I did not catch a glimpse of Rihanna. And by the time we left, one member of the couple seated to our right had fallen asleep. The concert may have been smashing, but the accommodation granted its audience left something lacking.

I noted recent news about a London audience’s boos for Justin Bieber after a late appearance. Buffalo and the media showed this entourage more courtesy than it extended its paying audience.

Victor Hale Schramm