The Anonymous 4, known for its ethereal explorations of early music, enjoys a popularity that goes far beyond its witty name. The four singers – Susan Hellauer, Ruth Cunningham, Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek and Marsha Genensky – are, in a sense, anonymous because their voices can blend so seamlessly into a unison line. The quartet disbanded for a while, making international news, but now it is singing together again, and paying a rare visit to this region, in a most atmospheric venue.

The Anonymous 4 will perform in St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, built in 1902 and modeled after the Gothic churches of the 14th century. The singers will be performing medieval French music that would have been heard in that era. The concert is called “Marie & Marion: Motets & Songs From the Montpellier Codex (c. 1300).” – Mary Kunz Goldman


Anonymous 4 – When: 7 p.m. next Thursday. Where: St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, 215 Eagle St., Medina. Admission: $40 advance, $45 at the door (, the Book Shoppe in Medina; A.M. Smith Group Insurance, Lockport; and Roxy’s Music Store, Batavia). Info: