BATAVIA – With a new clerk, the Genesee County Legislature took care of a dozen housekeeping items in a brief meeting Wednesday.

A resolution to correct a potential income tax problem will state that county workers’ meals are not tax-deductible unless the employee is on an overnight stay away from home. County reimbursement for regular meals is not deductible under Internal Revenue Service rules.

In other business, grant funding from the state’s Homeland Security Office was accepted. The $27,900 will be used to improve local emergency procedures.

Stipends for the Soil and Water Board members were set at $40 per meeting, eliminating mileage expenses. The fee matches those for other county advisory boards.

The Community Mental Health Services was given permission to buy $53,000 worth of computer equipment. The cost will come from state’s Health Information Technology funds.

The Wiss Hotel in Le Roy, facing demolition after a decade of neglect, is now tax-exempt. The hotel is owned by the Village of Le Roy and will go back on the tax rolls when the parcel is sold, the Legislature decided.

It was the first meeting for the new clerk, Sarah Kingdon, 35. She fills the post held for 25 years by Carolyn P. Pratt. Among her duties are reading resolutions and taking roll-call votes. The Pavilion resident, a mother of two, has worked part time for County Attorney Charles N. Zambito.