Cuomo’s tax rebate is political gimmick

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that 1.1 million New York State residents will receive $350 rebate checks. Why does the state have the money to issue a $350 rebate to 1.1 million residents, but does not have the money to spend on its infrastructure? This does not include the cost of processing 1.1 million checks or postage. I am sure I am not the only person who recognizes that this is strictly a political decision that Albany is going along with.

We keep hearing that New York does not have the money to repair or replace its infrastructure, but we do have the money for a rebate? If the taxpayers were polled and asked if it would be wiser to put $385 million toward improving our infrastructure or to send rebate checks to 1.1 million residents, the results would probably be unanimous in favor of improving our infrastructure or using the money in a more intelligent form.

This is a bad decision made by Cuomo, followed up by a worse decision of approving it by our legislators. This underlines the theory that Albany is dysfunctional, and needs guidance in the worst way.

Ed Thibault