MANSFIELD – After months of not showing up for work, Gary Hahn has stepped down from his position as highway superintendent for the Town of Mansfield in Cattaraugus County, and he did so with a bit of remorse, according to Town Supervisor Robert Keis.

The resignation hand-delivered to Keis was effective last Saturday, Keis said.

“He understood that he brought this all on himself, and that was pretty much it,” Keis said.

Hahn was said to have been repeatedly absent from his job, sometime showing up only to collect his paycheck.

Some residents have asked the supervisor for recourse now that Hahn is no longer in the position, but that will not happen, Keis said.

“I have been advised by the town attorney that the best thing to do is to let it go as it is,” he said. “There is nothing to do with it since he was an elected official. I am ready to move forward from the whole thing.”

The position of highway superintendent will be filled by appointment by the Town Board. That person will serve until the end of the year, when the successful candidate in November’s election will take office. Keis said he believes that the assistant superintendent, Brad Hurley, would do a great job.

“The decision is up to the board, but I will fully support Brad [Hurley] for the position,” he said.

The situation began shortly after fire burned the Town of Mansfield highway barn to the ground last fall. Shortly after that, as the supervisor and town officials started to prepare their insurance claim, Hahn was rarely seen.

He had been collecting his salary of $44,000 and benefits, including state pension points over that time.