Manufacturing is key to nation’s prosperity

At this moment, a nasty court battle rages between the owners of Tonawanda Coke and a government egged on by certain citizens who would rejoice in the closing of this long-term manufacturer.

The government, while going after Tonawanda Coke, has already spent millions of taxpayer dollars. Tonawanda Coke, defending itself and certain employees, has spent millions of company dollars. This money spent is a total waste down the sewer.

The end result being sought is the permanent closing or fatal weakening of this long-term producer of coke, which is used in making steel. This will result in the loss of 127 jobs and bring in far less revenue for North Tonawanda. But it also means the steel industry may be less competitive. If companies need to purchase coke from England, this means that even more jobs and revenue will be lost.

How much better it would be if our government would help this company satisfy all of the new environmental rules and regulations with which business must comply. Instead of huge, destructive expenditures by taxpayers and business, the better solution would be to have a government that works with business to create a proper environment and improve efficiency – a win-win for everyone.

If our nation is to regain the great prosperity we once had, which today could easily support the current federal government deficit, we must bring back manufacturing: the fundamental source of wealth. Business and government must be on the same team with the same goal.

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to recalibrate our compasses.

Kean W. Stimm

Kean Wind Turbines