Radford, McIntyre do not represent Buffalo parents

Leaders of the District Parent Coordinating Council, Sam Radford and Byron McIntyre, have violated the community’s trust to properly advocate for Buffalo parents and their children. They are no longer fighting for the best interests of our students and their families, especially the most vulnerable.

Radford and McIntyre are not being publicly honest about their involvement in the upcoming Buffalo School Board race and are walking a fine line, legally, in collaborating with and assisting particular candidates. As parent representatives and leaders, it is appalling and disingenuous that they would affiliate with and not denounce Carl Paladino’s racial bigotry, sexism, homophobia and, worst of all, his agenda to privatize our public schools for his own financial gain from public money. You cannot sympathize and collaborate with corporate reform entities and then faithfully and independently represent public school parents and their children.

Radford persistently speaks of the problems in our Buffalo Public Schools, yet has done little to originate positive change. Instead, he has perpetuated existing problems and fueled controversy with his divisive approach toward teachers, as well as parents who disagree with him. If he truly intends to solve the problems that exist in our schools and help our students, then he should find ways to partner with teachers and all parents, rather than alienate them.

Radford and McIntyre have abused their obligation to represent Buffalo school parents. As a soon-to-be Buffalo school parent, they don’t represent me. It is time for them to step down from their positions on the council. Their acts make them unsuitable to serve as parent representatives.

Larry Scott