Gun fiasco reveals corrupt government

We have a serious gun problem in New York State so we need serious gun control legislation, and we need it now! Our legislative leaders pushed through the final vote at night in 22 minutes without giving our rank-and-file legislative representatives time to even read it in depth. The NY SAFE Act is in place and our pompous governor leads us to believe we are now and will be in the future safer from the evil gun owners.

Then we find out that, because of the entertainment revenue for New York City and more tax dollars for the state, our “leaders” will let the movie and TV industry continue to use the very guns that we are told were so evil that we, the people, can’t have them. These industries don’t use the assault weapons as wall decorations, they use them in the most vile and murderous ways, thereby polluting the minds of everyone who goes to a movie made in New York City – primarily, our youth. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, wanting to control everything he feels destructive to society, turns a blind eye to this fiasco and even takes executive action to remove all New York City pension fund investments from the gun industry.

Thoughtful and moral people can come to effective conclusions about the management of guns in our society. But is there any thinking, moral individual in this state who doesn’t get physically ill with the knowledge of the moral depravity and corruption of everyone in government who supports this entire fiasco? But wait! Now they will try to buy us off with a $350 “rebate” check.

Craig L. Thrasher

East Aurora