Two rookie police officers helped catch a much-arrested Stevens Avenue man who drew a stolen Glock 9 mm handgun loaded with 17 rounds on them early Sunday, their superior officer said Monday.

Lt. Robert Sheridan commended Buffalo Police Officers Kevin Quinn and Tim Perrott, recent Police Academy graduates who were appointed provisionally to the Buffalo Police Department, for their “dogged” pursuit of the suspect.

The suspect, Jermaine Habeed, 22, has a history of gun possession arrests.

Quinn and Perrott were unavailable to comment Monday night, but Sheridan described what happened.

The two provisional officers were sent to Camelot Court at about 1:40 a.m. Sunday to break up a street fight involving about 80 people. Some arrests were made.

Two hours later, the officers were dispatched to Camelot Court again, this time to respond to a phone complaint about 20 people fighting in the street.

When Officer Sheryl Sanchez arrived at the scene, she was told about a man in a tan trench coat who had a gun. Police said that turned out to be Habeed.

Sanchez relayed the information about the man with the weapon to Quinn and Perrott, and the two provisional officers located Habeed, who allegedly bolted after spotting them.

Habeed ran through backyards, and “Officers Quinn and Perrott quickly responded and started a foot pursuit, doggedly pursuing the suspect for several hundred yards, and courageously closed on him when he pulled a loaded Glock 9 mm handgun,” Sheridan said.

Quinn and Perrott tackled Habeed and forcibly subdued him.

Bailey-Fillmore District Officers Adam Mielcarek and Andrew Shea assisted in the arrest and recovered the Glock, which turned out to have been stolen recently in the Town of Lancaster, the lieutenant said.

Habeed is being held on charges of felony criminal possession of a weapon, possession of a loaded firearm, criminal possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Sheridan said he has asked Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda to give “strong consideration for any and all departmental awards” to be presented to Quinn and Perrott for what he called their “swift and fearless response” that averted a possible shooting.

He said he has also recommended that Sanchez, Mielcarek and Shea get departmental commendations for their assistance in the case.