Terry Pegula should raise his standards

Mr. Pegula, when you achieved success in your business ventures, did you tolerate incompetence, lame excuses and sub-standard performances? I doubt that you did. So, why do you accept that with your hockey franchise? The franchises with winning traditions and Stanley Cups do not accept this behavior and are quick to make needed changes. Look at Montreal, for example. It made several changes quickly and turned its team around in one season. Please start demanding accountability from those responsible for this current mess. We already have one sports franchise that is the laughing stock of its respective league, we do not need another one. The fans of Buffalo deserve better.

Bob Price


Kaleta’s passion should rub off on teammates

When Ryan Miller made the comments about Patrick Kaleta being upset for not playing against Washington following his suspension, it showed why the team is where it is. Heaven forbid that someone on the team really wants to play and can’t stand to watch his team get pushed around. The rest of the team should have emotions like Kaleta.

When this team gets scored on I never see anybody get angry or even act like it mattered. Kaleta, although careless at times, is one of a few players on this team that gives his all every time on the ice. He sacrifices his body by blocking shots and does not back down from anybody.

Maybe if 15 more people on the ice had Kaleta’s heart we would not be the laughing stock of the NHL.

Maybe Darcy Regier should act like a GM and get something while he can. Clean out the whole works from overrated players to the scouts to the GM. People in this town deserve better.

Paul Banyi


Sabres’ struggles bring one word to mind: ‘pathetic’

The Sabres are:

Poor attitude.

Ability is lacking.

Terrible offense.

Heading to rock bottom.

Energy for one period.

Terrible defense.

Inability to close out a game.

Cannot compete in this league.

Need more to be said? I think not. Pathetic.

Dr. T. Gregory Jacobs


Sabres should look to Peca as next GM

It’s time to step outside the box. An individual with a fresh, bright, innovative approach, that is not a member of the “good old boys club” of the NHL.

I only know what I see from the outside looking in, but get the guy who demonstrated leadership on and off the ice, won’t settle for anyone in the organization taking the night off, and had the courage and conviction to hold out for what he believed in to the end. Get Michael Peca to be the next general manager of the Buffalo Sabres.

Alfred Trybus


White has a chance to move UB hoops forward

Let me first congratulate Reggie Witherspoon for his years of commendable service to UB and its men’s basketball program. With that out of the way, I hope that Athletic Director Danny White chooses as the next head coach someone who will refrain from relying upon the abundance of excuses made by the prior regime’s apologists for UB’s failure to advance its program.

UB failed to win a title in the MAC, which is not, nor has it ever been, more than a mid-level mid-major league. The MAAC has in fact outranked it this year in the Sagarin ratings. UB can’t even measure up to other SUNY schools (namely, Albany and Stony Brook), which started their DI programs in 1999 (when Reggie was hired), and have built sustained successful DI programs, with Stony Brook making three NIT appearances since 2010, and Albany making its third NCAA Tournament this year. Both schools have relatively comparable basketball budgets to UB – obviously despite their lack of tradition and resources, the programs have found a way to succeed.

Yes, UB has won some games and had some success. UB also has a fine academic record, just as each of its Big Four brethren can point to with pride. But, as Niagara and St. Bonaventure understand, and Canisius is starting to figure out, cutting down the net is also what is important.

UB is a tremendous university, has a great facility in Alumni Arena, a fine academic tradition, and a sizable student population and fan base aching for a real postseason tournament bid. The status quo was not good enough, and I hope UB finds a men’s basketball coach who can take advantage of the institution’s considerable strengths to build a winning program.

Eric Schultz


Calculating Notre Dame should have shared wealth

Notre Dame may be an outstanding institute of higher academic learning, perhaps one of the best in the nation; however, when it comes to making decisions concerning its athletics programs, this observer considers the school cold, calculated and greedy, serving only its own best interests.

The Big East never should have invited the Golden Pots, er Domers, to compete in its conference without full participation of its collegiate athletic teams. Because the Irish were in a very lucrative contract with NBC to televise each of its football games, they did not wish to be forced to share TV revenue with their fellow Big East teams.

I truly believe that the main reason why the Syracuses, Pittsburghs and Boston Colleges of the Big East have moved, or are planning on moving, to the ACC is due to the audacity of the Fighting Irish not to share its revenues in football with the rest of the conference.

ND would have been much wiser to join the Big East full throttle, thereby ensuring the viability of the conference as well as its own welfare in the long run. The old saying “there is strength in numbers” is very true and because ND did not wish to share its bounty with the rest of the schools in its conference, I believe has broken an unwritten rule that will cause it to wish it had.

Jim Antes


Slow spring means another long year coming for Bills

The Bills have signed just one average player to their team while others enriched their squads in free agent signings.

The Bills, as always, stay in limbo and do nothing. They have no quarterback, a thin offensive line, a depleted receiver corps and a very weak defense. It looks like this will be another rebuilding year. So, talk up year 14 on not making the playoffs.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

Fitz wasn’t it; Bills still need a franchise QB

Ryan Fitzpatrick wouldn’t take a pay cut unless he remained the starting quarterback. Did he really think he was that good? He must not have seen the Bills’ lowlights.

There were free-agent QBs out there but the Bills didn’t jump. Who will be under center this year is anybody’s guess. The key component of the team is still missing. Until that person surfaces, another non-playoff year looms again, new coaches or not.

Paul DiVito


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