Paladino unlikely to solve problems

A recent letter praised Carl Paladino as a refreshing and vibrant candidate for the Board of Education with a wealth of private-sector experience and connections to help this board reach the next level. Who is this man?

Paladino is crude, rude, verbally abusive and antagonistic to a point of being child-like. How is this type of behavior conducive to problem-solving and putting forth constructive criticism and ideas to help benefit the Buffalo schools?

If and when he disagrees with other board members, is he going to rant, scream, call them names and call for their resignation? Or will this new Carl listen, think and talk like an adult and respond in a respectful manner with facts and solutions instead of rumors and secondhand innuendo?

If this new Carl emerges, he very well may be a positive force and help this School Board reach a new plateau and really help our struggling schools. But I fear the old Carl will emerge and self-destruct as he has so many times in the past. We can only hope and pray for the new-and-improved Carl.

Phil Ryan

West Seneca