Women’s Equality Agenda provides vital protections

I read Michele Sterlace-Accorsi’s recent Another Voice with great interest, as I respect persons with differing opinions. But when people resort to lying to push an agenda, we all should cry foul. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda is a historic opportunity to strengthen protections against domestic violence, close the pay gap for women and guard against sexual harassment in the workplace.

With respect to reproductive health, the Women’s Equality Agenda brings New York law in line with federal law and current practice in New York. That’s all the proposal does, regardless of the false statements and propaganda spewed by pro-life organizations. The Women’s Equality Agenda promotes equality for all women regardless of where they fall in the political spectrum. Political position or opinion on social issues should not prevent the passing of this agenda. Distortions about what the proposal will do are nothing but a red herring and must not get in the way of groundbreaking, historical laws being passed. Women deserve better; let’s pass the Women’s Equality Agenda.

Christine Vogel