Our country is mired in culture of violence

The American Dream is that anyone with creativity, enthusiasm and drive can one day be rich. On your way to the benefits of the U.S. cash machine, however, you must be able to accept the trash as a side effect.

About 30,000 people die every year from gun violence. There is no escaping these slaughters. They have taken place in schools, churches, military bases, workplaces, etc. Even the recent slaughter of first-graders will bring little or no change in our culture because profit is more important than life.

Our culture also loves war. The U.S. military budget is bigger than the next 13 countries combined. We use war as a political tool to win elections. We use it to frighten our foreign enemies. We would rather spend $2 trillion for a bogus war in Iraq than build and repair our infrastructure.

Millions of people are employed in the military-industrial complex, so there are big profits to be made in war. The 5,000 dead and the 30,000 wounded in Iraq is just another acceptable side effect of the American Dream.

The dream is a silver streak embedded in a black cloud. Just remember this as the drumbeat begins and grows for our next war – Iran. Remember this also when no significant gun regulation is passed on the federal level because it would affect the profits of the gun industry.

Richard Czarnecki