JAMESTOWN – A melee in Jamestown early Saturday led to the arrest of four people.

Jamestown police said the four arrived at 429 Lincoln St. after 2 a.m. looking to collect on a debt. When they forced their way into the home a fight broke out and spilled into the street.

Police arrived to find several people going at it. One was armed with a baseball bat, another with a shotgun. But no one was seriously injured, police said.

Charged with burglary and conspiracy are: Jonathan R. Ray, 21, and Chad T. Robbins, 21, of Falconer; and Casey R. Billyard, 20, and Kaitlyn N. Billyard, 18, of Jamestown. A fifth suspect fled, police said.

Police said they also charged the Billyards with assault and Ray with criminal possession of a weapon.