Give Vick some credit for turning life around

It was disappointing to read Susan Estrich’s rant against Michael Vick in the March 16 News. Estrich ruined a perfectly good defense of speech we hate by disparaging Vick.

There used to be a concept known as paying your debt to society in this nation. That is to say, if you commit a crime, you go to prison. Then you get on with your life. However, that notion seems to be long gone. Self-righteous individuals like Estrich simply will not allow it. Sadly, forgiveness seems not to play a major role in her life, at least where animal cruelty is concerned.

This is especially sad in light of the fact that Vick has proved that he has become a better man. He has gone around the country speaking out against animal cruelty, he has worked with animal welfare groups, etc.

Estrich claims, “It’s not that Vick has anything worth hearing.” Yet what better example could there be to show young people that it is possible to turn your life around? If that is not a message that people need to hear, then what would be?

People with attitudes like Estrich make it difficult for ex-cons to find work and become productive members of society. Then we have the audacity to be shocked when, facing limited options, they return to a life of crime.

Those of us who applaud Vick for having turned his life around are not “desperate,” as she contends. We simply believe that he has remarkably taken advantage of his opportunity to improve his life. Vick, like Malcolm X, is an example of an amazing redemption story. It is just too bad that so many people want to destroy his life rather than help him to keep rebuilding it and serve as a shining example that it can certainly be done.

Norm Allen