Church should allow use of birth control

The installation of a new pope reminded me of years ago when I volunteered to represent my church to participate in the efforts of the United Nations NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations). During my time there, I attended a number of U.N. programs. In one session we heard a report about the U.N. effort to inform developing countries of the need for freely available birth control and family planning. The speaker told of the failure to make any headway due to the pressure put on these governments by the Catholic Church.

I recently heard of a scientific study on the strains put on our earth as we head toward a population of 7 billion, all vying for a standard of living similarly enjoyed by us Americans. From the reports of our diminishing natural resources, fish, the rainforests, etc., this will be impossible.

Today we hear the reports of more than 30,000 children dying of hunger and disease every day. How many tens of thousands more will die as the population continues to grow?

Or is the Catholic Church, under the direction of the new pope, going to see the light and join us in the 21st century? The only bright spot is that 98 percent of developed countries’ Catholic women use artificial birth control. To use a familiar phrase, “God help us.”

David F. Baker