Could deskwork as we know it be on the verge of changing?

The Certified Personal Trainer program offered by Erie 1 BOCES recently conducted a lab experiment that would interest anyone who has sat at a desk for days at a time.

Using a unique blend of science, math, physical activity and technology, high school seniors in the program tested a hypothesis that walking, while working, can improve cognitive performance.

Using wireless remotes from Smart Technologies, students solved real-life math problems while walking on a treadmill. Those same students then answered similar questions when seated at a desk.

The lab was designed in collaboration with teachers from various disciplines and in accordance with the New York State STEM initiative.

When the lab concluded, the results neither strongly supported nor debunked the hypothesis. Students performed equally in both settings but burned more calories by walking while they worked.

“A unique take on implementing the scientific process, while also practicing math skills, provided tremendous educational value,” said Justin Prusak, an instructor. “Our goal wasn’t to publish in a medical journal.”

Prusak and his fellow teachers expect to conduct similar experiments.

Story courtesy of Erie 1 BOCES