Sylvia B. (Sayler) Behr, 71, of North Tonawanda, former packer for the Gerald Fried Display Co., died March 14.

Dolores A. (Kirchman) Boehm, died March 20.

Barbara Bole, 76, formerly of Hamburg, decorated Vietnam War Navy veteran and retired Navy commander, died March 19.

Olha (Switosik) Breheda, died March 18.

Anthony J. Caro, died March 20.

Genevieve L. Chapman, of Town of Tonawanda, died March 20.

Inez Cureton, died March 19.

Willie L. “Bill” Davis Sr., died March 17.

LueVergia (Jones) Eubanks, of Buffalo, died March 19.

James J. Finnegan, 79, died March 18.

Emma Katherine Garvin, of Lackawanna, died March 20.

Seymour Gottlieb, died March 19.

Fannie E. (Beach) Hamm, of Farnham, 40-year volunteer for the Evans Little Loop Football Association, died March 19.

Ricco Harris, 49, of Buffalo, minister for Walking in God’s Ministries, died March 17.

June (Moeller) Heckmiller, of Orchard Park, longtime member of Orchard Park Presbyterian Church, died March 13.

Bridget Olive (Weed) Hobler, 93, died March 18.

Gloria G. (Forti) Hoover, of Derby, died March 19.

Edward J. King, 87, of North Tonawanda, World War II Army veteran and General Motors retiree, died March 20.

Jean (Wittmeyer) Kleis, of North Boston, 20-year Town of Boston employee, died March 13.

Dr. William E. Kraft, of North Boston, on the staff of local hospitals and associate professor at the University at Buffalo Medical School, died March 20.

Anne Marie (Winnert) Kulczyk, of Orchard Park, died March 17.

Rita F. (Santangelo) Kwasniewski, of Buffalo, died March 19.

Dr. Edward A. Langford Jr., died March 15.

Dusan “Danny” Majstorovic, of Lackawanna, member of United Auto Workers Local 897, died March 16.

Raymond A. Marien, died March 18.

Mary (Bartosik) Michaels, died March 20.

Louise “Nana” Nesbitt, 81, of Buffalo, 30-year day care provider and foster parent, died March 17.

Marilyn Ann Parker, died March 17.

Ann J. (Sciandra) Reinhold, 90, of Grand Island, died March 17.

Karen E. (Will) Russell, of Amherst, died March 19.

Lillian C. (Sauer) Salzman, of Hamburg, died March 19.

Gary L. Spong, 69, died March 20.

Susan L. (Krah) Stevens, of Elma, died March 19.

Jane (Figura) Sturmer, 95, formerly of Niagara Falls, accounting employee for Simon Oil and Schrack Oil, died March 16.

Rachel (Snell) Turk, died March 21.

Raymond H. Wanner, Army veteran and former owner of Ray’s Appliance Service, died March 19.

John T. Williams, died March 19.

Lillian Ann Williams, of Kenmore, died March 19.

Sophie (Mazierski) Wojcik, of Buffalo, died March 19.

Henry J. Zaprzal, Navy veteran, died March 20.