Ko Htay Kywe, a prominent pro-democracy activist who was imprisoned by the Burmese government more than 20 years ago, will speak at 1 p.m. Sunday at Ujima Theater Co., 545 Elmwood Ave.

In 1988, Ko Htay Kywe became an early organizer in the widespread protests against Burmese military ruler Ne Win. The protests culminated in a general strike that began on Aug. 8, 1988, which is how the “ ’88 Uprising” in Burma got its name. In 1991, the military annulled the results of an election that Ko Htay Kywe had won. Along with other opposition leaders, he was arrested and giving a 15-year prison sentence. He was released in 2004. Ko Htay Kywe was again convicted, along with 13 other pro-democracy activists in 2008, and was released in January.

Local Burmese community activists will meet with Ko Htay Kywe to discuss human rights in Burma and the status of political prisoners in that country.