Why should Democrats do all the compromising?

In response to a letter that appeared on March 17, let me ask: Why should Democrats do all the compromising?

When it comes to principles such as the necessary role of government in seeking economic and social fairness, reasonable taxation, adherence to the Constitution and seeking ethically just principles, what is wrong with standing firm and not backing down? Progressives, largely in the Democratic Party, are striving to achieve the vision of America as a place with “liberty and justice for all.” They should be respected for the positions they take.

Maybe the conservatives need to realize that much of their agenda – such as lower taxes for the wealthy, giving more to those who already have most of the wealth and trying to sabotage political and social equality – is not in keeping with the general welfare of our nation. This is wrong and unacceptable, as the majority of voters affirmed last election. They need to rethink how they view the world.

It seems we have a problem here, America!

Michael Silverman