NIAGARA FALLS – State investigators were called in to assist Niagara Falls police after officers found what appeared to be the remnants of a meth lab in a basement of a house in the 400 block of 18th Street.

City police officers were called to the house at about 11 a.m. Wednesday on an unrelated call. But in the course of the investigation, they noticed materials that indicated there had previously been a lab for making methamphetamine drugs.

Narcotics Lt. Theodore Weed said no arrests were made and there was no danger at this time.

“It was the remnants of what probably was the attempt to make a meth lab,” Weed said. “We called [the Drug Enforcement Agency] to take things out as a procedural thing. They know what they need to be looking for.

He said because the materials were found in a common area and so many people had access to the basement they were unable to determine who had done it.

“There was nothing illegal at this time. It wasn’t like they were in the middle of the cook. It was just remnants,” Weed said.

He added, “It didn’t appear dangerous – today. But at one-time it probably was.”