It’s wonderful to read more upbeat stories in The News

I have been a Buffalo News subscriber for decades. Lately I have noticed a very nice change. There have been stories that are upbeat and encouraging about the area. I am thinking specifically about “Bringing iconic poet’s aura to UB,” “Brothers aim high on court and in life” and “The new Albright-Knox director.” I was also impressed with “Called to defend.” It was a thoughtful discussion of the complexity of the topic, rather than a knee-jerk condemnation.

I also think expanding Gusto is a fantastic idea. Our area has so many cultural, historic and recreational opportunities in a wide variety of categories – from the BPO, Albright-Knox and Shakespeare in the Park to nature trails, hunting and fishing and winter and water sports.

I like the idea of health and fitness drawn together in one section. Kudos to The News. Continue on this path.

April Peters

Town of Cambria