Let’s turn Scajaquada into peaceful parkway

Once again we are witness to the annual end of winter slaughter of the light poles and mangling of the guardrails on the Scajaquada Expressway. This road was badly designed, slicing through Delaware Park and jammed on top of Scajaquada Creek. Vehicle speeds on the roadway are too high; the road has short and hairpin geometry for exits and entrances; it injects salt and volatile organic compounds into the Scajaquada Creek tributary to the Niagara River and its drinking water supply for thousands of Americans and Canadians; and creates excess noise and air pollution for the Albright-Knox, Delaware Park, Grant Amherst, Pan-Am and Parkside neighborhoods.

There once was a placid Scajaquada Parkway. Let’s see an Olmsted-style public work heal this yearly wound. It’s time for the Department of Transportation to get back on track with the safety improvements that the public needs, and to fulfill the community vision of turning this dangerous highway into a peaceful parkway.

Mark Kubiniec

President, Grant Amherst

Business Association, Buffalo