Former Cheektowaga Councilman Richard A. Zydel announced Tuesday he will challenge incumbent Erie County Legislator Thomas J. Mazur for his seat in the 7th district. Zydel made the announcement at a campaign kickoff event attended by committeemen and supporters.

Zydel launched an early shot at Mazur, a fellow Democrat who is currently the Legislature’s majority leader, saying residents of the district lack “adequate representation and a loud voice at the county level.”

“Today, our voice in county government is all but non-existent,” charged Zydel. “Ask yourself who your county legislator is, where you might have seen him, and exactly what constituent services does he and his office provide. We need to do better.”

Zydel, 40, said he will seek the party’s endorsement for the post. Mazur, 66, was elected to the Legislature in 2011. Both men hail from Cheektowaga and have previously served on the Town Board, Mazur from 1998-2005 and Zydel from 2007-2011.

The district includes much of the town of Cheektowaga and portions of the South Buffalo and Kaisertown neighborhoods.